Branded Football table increases brand awareness

Branded Football Tables

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Brand Awareness

In an environment where it is becoming increasingly difficult to create brand awareness; organisations are having to think out of the box in order to promote their brand in interesting and exciting ways.

Over the years we have supplied lots of funky and interesting products to help brands increase their brand awareness and this time was no different! Marston’s owned brand, Generous George wanted something unique that would increase their brand awareness and that they could unveil at the brand new Generous George pub in Didsbury this October!

Branded Football Table

The Greenfinch is one of the first pubs in the Generous George family to have a branded football table and it is sure to be a hit with the staff and customers! Designed and supplied by Kellyseye, the football table showcases the Generous George brand all around the table, including the advertisement boards on the inside of the table.

Described as ‘great family pubs’; Generous George pubs up and down the country are all about bringing family and friends together and these football tables will certainly do that. Getting people together to have fun and socialise over a game of foosball while also promoting the brand is genius!

Why they love it!

“The table has been received superbly by the local customers since we re-opened. It offers fun for all the family and allows several people to be involved at any one time, meaning no one is ‘left on the bench’. The branding is incredible and totally captures the magic of the brand, while enhancing the customer experience. We are very excited about its potential and have already seen interest from the local customers in setting up a weekly tournament.”

Bruce Millington, Area Operations Manager at Marston’s PLC

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