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With Halloween just around the corner,  it wont be long before pubs and clubs up and down the country start getting ready for one of the biggest nights in the pub calendar! Now the third biggest event behind Christmas and Easter; Halloween can be a stressful time for publicans wondering how to boost profits during the spooky season!

With this in mind, we have created bespoke Halloween kits to ensure this Halloween is not only a memorable occasion but a great way to boost profits also. This year we will be offering two kits; the Ultimate kit which retails at £65 and the Deluxe kit which can be yours for just £45. Check out why our kits are better than anyone else’s this spooky season…


Everyone loves a bargain and we are no exception to the rule. Bought separately the items in the ‘Ultimate’ will set you back £105.64 and the ‘Deluxe’ will leave you £77.55 lighter. However, £65 will buy you one of our Ultimate Kits containing 68 pieces; an average of just 95p per item. For £45 you can have the Deluxe Kit containing 52 pieces, working out at an amazing 86p per item. Much cheaper than the Pound Shop!

Each kit also contains a spooky scratchcard that can generate funds to pay for all or part of the kit, depending on how much each square is sold for. That means you could end up paying nothing at all for the kit! Result!


Our kits provide everything you need in one box and that even includes a great experience. How do you package up an experience I hear you say, well we have! Our photo booth prop set will have your customers acting out scenes from scary movies while staff paint their faces with vampire makeup to get into character for the UK’s third biggest event of the year.


With the weekend of Halloween falling during half term we have even included items that create a family fun day for all. Bobbing for apples, hunting witches and musical mummies are just some of the ghoulish games in our kits, providing a great opportunity for venues to boost profits during the day as well as the evening.


It doesn’t matter what event you put on if you don’t promote it. Other Halloween kits focus solely on decoration; however, our kits contain Halloween themed posters to promote your events and a free downloadable poster from our website. We won’t let your venue be dead this year so don’t you!

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Download our Halloween Brochure 2016 for more information on kit contents and offers.

Download our Halloween Leaflet for more information on our top five products this Halloween.

  • Halloween ultimate kit 2016 RESIZED FOR WEB