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Dry January

Traditionally known as a quiet month in the on-trade, January can be extremely slow for pubs, clubs and lots of other businesses. With more than two million drinkers signing up for ‘Dry January’ this year; pubs are likely to feel the knock on effects throughout the sober month! Nevertheless, many pub chains and licensees have launched their January sales hoping to drive business during the traditionally quiet month.

January Sales

Pubs up and down the country are running promotions to encourage people to visit pubs even if they are going sober for the first month of the year! Many pubs selling food have been providing their customers with buy one get one free vouchers or a percentage of the overall bill. This helps to boost turnover in January for food led pubs, however those venues not selling food could struggle!

January Events

It’s not all doom and gloom though! The end of January sees some popular, widely celebrated events that pubs are jumping onto, in the hope of boosting their January sales at the end of the month! Burn’s Night provides the on-trade a great opportunity on, or around January 25th to attract punters for an evening of Scottish festivities and lots of fun!

Australia Day, the day after Burns Night on the 26th of January is another great event for pubs to capitalise on. Although the day is celebrated mainly in Australia; cities such as London and Manchester have huge numbers of Australian’s living there and thus put on events to celebrate the Aussie extravaganza.

Finally, 2018, the Year of the Dog! Chinese New Year may fall in February this year but the last weekend of January is when people are most likely to gracing the pubs again with their presence after a full 28 days off the booze so you can always start the celebrations early, another great event for pubs to capitalise on and boost those sales after a slow month!

So there you go – January doesn’t have to be a slow month! Check out our range of Seasonal & Party products for all of the above events mentioned and get your bar kitted out!